Innisfree samples review

Hello my dear Reader,

Here is a quick review for the samples I received with my January Innisfree haul.


Innisfree (and some other korean brands) differentiates between the following skincare steps:

  1. serum
  2. skin (toner)
  3. lotion
  4. cream

The complete sequence:


This is the order that should be followed if we would like to achieve the best results. This is due to that each product has a different texture, serum is the most watery and cream is the thickest, so if we applied them in reverse order, the cream would prevent the serum from affecting the skin as the cream creates a thicker barrier on the surface.

These travel size products can also be bought individually from their official site, but you can add them to your order as free gifts- this is such a good opportunity if you hesitate to buy the full sized product! The post is about these samples that I received for free, after buying a bunch of other stuff at the webshop.

Let’s see…

Innisfree Green tea balancing skin

As the website describes:

1. Green tea extracted from fresh green tea leaves harvested on Jeju Island is rich in amino acids and minerals that help keep the skin moisturized.
2. It is effortlessly applied to the skin leaving a sensation of freshly splashed water. Absorbs quickly and results in a smooth and fresh finish.
3. The natural moisturizing agent betaine, derived from amino acids, provides intense moisture for combination skin to restore the skin’s natural balance.

Free from: parabens, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, imidazolidinyl urea

You can get the 10ml travel sized sample for $1.3 or add to your bag when buying more other stuff.

So how was it?

This product was easy to squeeze out of the container,  very light on the skin, it is almost immediately being absorbed, and leaves a slight scent of green tea. But not exactly that green tea perfume scent that you would expect, but for me, it resembles not a cup of green tea, but more like some freshly cut leaves. Those who do not like scented stuff: this does not linger on for too long, and is very natural. For scent-lovers, like me, this is a short-term heaven. Deep sniffs. Mmm.

It is very refreshing and does not leave any greasy residue, while it hydrates the skin. I have combination skin, so the balancing line is perfect for me. This sample was cool to have and I am thinking of purchasing full sized products after this good experience.


Innisfree Green tea seed cream

This is a cream of fresh green tea smell, looks like a thick white liquid. This is amazingly hydrating- I would say, if you have dry skin, check this out. You can buy this 5ml pack for $1.30 or you can try it for free by adding it to your order of other purchases.

Innisfree olive real skin

Olive? Seriously? At first I thought that this is at least strange. I eat olives in my salad and I use olive oil.. But to put it on my face? Hmm.

A deep hydrating lotion with nutritious olives that delivers moisture deep into your skin

1. A rich, nourishing toner for immediate hydration with organic olives full of antioxidants (polyphenol, oleic acid) and vitamins

2. Extra virgin olive oil extracted from luxurious golden olives grown in the best environment.

Free from: parabens, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, imidazolidinyl urea

Okay, lets try then. Ha! It does not smell like my salad, rather it has some fresh scent, but nothing too strong. And its also wonderfully hydrating but not greasy. Well, as strange it seemed to be, as good it is. I love this.

10ml for $1.3.

Innisfree Bija anti-trouble skin


Bija anti-trouble skin. I was troubled, not knowing what might be the meaning of bija. I did my search, don’t exhaust yourself. ‘Bija’ is also called ‘torreya’. 😀

Okay, maybe that didn’t ring a bell, so,  its a kind of tree that looks like a fir/pine tree. And it turns out that its seed has some healing effects on the skin, and is very good for skin problems, against spots. I tried this when my skin cried for help, and it helped a bit. Nothing magical though. And the consistency of this product is like that of teardrops..(I just wanted to indicate its not exactly like water) But, it’s flowing like water so I spilled half of the package on my pillow. (Late night testing of skincare? I am guilty.) This is available now only as a gift sample according to my best knowledge. I guess it would also be the same price as the previous ones in this post ($1.3).

All in all, it was very nice to try out these products, my favorite from this is definitely the ‘green tea skin’, but that is also because it was the best for my mixed skin type. None of them caused any bad effect on my very sensitive skin, and they are all good at providing moisture. I got interested in the olive products of Innisfree… maybe the next haul should also include some from that?

That was all for now. I wish you the best in preparing for a brighter tomorrow.




Exfoliate. Hydrate. Fascinate.

Innisfree Haul #1

This is the first post on the blog, and I am very excited to share what wonderful and not so wonderful stuff I managed to put my hands on in the last few months. I am planning to review all the beauty products of my recent hauls- so let’s start with the Innisfree haul of  January.

I am a great fan of Innisfree, a high quality, widely beloved South Korean cosmetics brand (a branch of Amore Pacific- you will hear more about that from me later), since I received some sheet masks and samples as a gift in the past and they were all awesome. I decided to be brave curious enough to order from their own website:

Oh, how lucky I was! There was a 10+10 sheet mask event going on at the time, so I did not hesitate to pick more than needed. Also, they added a 5 piece mask box as a gift, in addition to the samples that everyone can choose according to their preferences.

Enough of talking, let me show you the package!


First step of the opening ceremony


The samples are in the front


Yes, I might have gone a little overboard with the masks… But they don’t stay on the shelf too long, if you ask me…

That’s the teaser for today. The reviews are soon coming! 🙂

Have a nice day and…

Aim for the ultimate feeling!