Innisfree Haul #1

This is the first post on the blog, and I am very excited to share what wonderful and not so wonderful stuff I managed to put my hands on in the last few months. I am planning to review all the beauty products of my recent hauls- so let’s start with the Innisfree haul of  January.

I am a great fan of Innisfree, a high quality, widely beloved South Korean cosmetics brand (a branch of Amore Pacific- you will hear more about that from me later), since I received some sheet masks and samples as a gift in the past and they were all awesome. I decided to be brave curious enough to order from their own website:

Oh, how lucky I was! There was a 10+10 sheet mask event going on at the time, so I did not hesitate to pick more than needed. Also, they added a 5 piece mask box as a gift, in addition to the samples that everyone can choose according to their preferences.

Enough of talking, let me show you the package!


First step of the opening ceremony


The samples are in the front


Yes, I might have gone a little overboard with the masks… But they don’t stay on the shelf too long, if you ask me…

That’s the teaser for today. The reviews are soon coming! 🙂

Have a nice day and…

Aim for the ultimate feeling!



4 thoughts on “Innisfree Haul #1

    1. Dear Michelle, welcome! Thank you for visiting! What I wrote was easy to misunderstand, but I am not a native speaker of english, so sorry for that. Actually, a few masks were a present from a friend years ago, and the good experience made me order all these stuff this year. I bought 10 pieces of six different masks (kiwi, manuka honey, rice, shea butter, pomagranade, green tea), so alltogether 60 masks, which were originally $1.2 each but with the 10+10 discount it cost me $36 instead of $72. What was free then? 4 sample sized creams, the 5-mask box, and the shipping. I hope to cover the details in later posts, I hope you will check back! Have a nice day!

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      1. Thank you for clarifying! I thought it was an awesome deal but now I see it is standard freebie with a good amount of purchase. I’m glad you enjoyed your sheet mask experience! 60 masks definitely proves your love! ☺️ I love Innis Free products and will definitely stop by again, thanks for sharing!


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